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Are you a decision-maker? A trainer? Do you manage a language teacher support website or network? Are you a teacher with an interest in teaching languages? The EUROSAEL website offers a large range of resources fitted to your needs.

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Are you a decision-maker in the language teaching field?

If you wish to create an efficient tool to support the training of teachers and promote the pooling of resources and experiences, discover the SAEL guide. The guide, created for the SAEL project and supported by the European Commission offers practical propositions and recommendations for the implementation and creation of websites fitted to every different context.
Link to the SAEL guide 'English version

Are you a trainer?
You are in charge of the training of language teachers either in an initial or continuing education process? Support the creation of support websites. You will find a consistent case statement intended to the decision-makers to promote the creation of support websites. You will also find analysed examples of support websites, good practices and the research material compiled by the SAEL research (bibliography, user surveys...)

- The SAEL guide
- The results of research & action
- examples of good practices
- A corpus of support websites
- Technical and editorial advice to optimise your website

Are you a teacher?

The Eurosael website provides you with an in-depth insight into support websites for teachers who teach languages identified on a European scale by the experts of the project. You will find teaching material and lively teachers' communities. Feel free to read through the SAEL guide which can inspire you for the creation of your websites and will allow you to have a deeper knowledge in the website field of expertise.

- Examples of good practices
- A short list of European support websites for language teachers
- Technical and editorial advice to optimise your website

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