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Designing and improving online support for language teachers
Foresite - a new training course
Centre international d'études pédagogiques (CIEP), Sèvres (France)
4-8 July 2011

This training course will take place on 4-8 July 2011 at the Centre international d'études pédagogiques in Sèvres, on the outskirts of Paris. Developed as a follow-up to the SAEL project it has been specially designed for European language teacher trainers to help them design and improve training courses using ICT. It will deepen and enlarge the issues of the SAEL seminar from November 2009.

Course objectives

The training session will Foresite aims:

- to allow European language teachers trainers:
- Gain a better understanding of recent innovations in online training and support websites;
- Improve training course design;
- Develop ICT skills (Moodle, CMS, Web 2.0 tools); - Implement successful evaluation strategies;
- Apply quality assurance principles to training courses.

Tailored approach to training

The Foresite training course will combine theoretical and practical approaches concentrating on five key topics. Each day will start with an introductory lecture given by a European expert who will present the current state of research and other contemporary issues.

Each will be followed by two workshops allowing participants to deepen their existing knowledge, experiment and exchange about the design of their own training courses and the uses of appropriate ICT tools.
Workshops will be planned based on an approach tailored to participants' needs (survey before the course, groups according to level of skill) to facilitate the sharing of experiences (forum about ICT tools in language teachers training, working groups, conclusions in plenary). Each workshop will empower participants to use ICT tools according to their specific needs and expectations.

A European training course

This training course will be led by a team of European experts who will share their expertise and their knowledge in this field.
Times for formal and informal discussions are planned during the session to encourage the sharing of experiences and the creation of a network of Language Teachers Trainers at a European level. The main working language of the seminar will be English. The majority of the workshops will be provided in French and in English.

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Target audience

This training course is aimed at language teacher trainers. A minimum knowledge of ICT tools and some knowledge of English are required in order to be able to participate satisfactorily.

Registration is open on the Foresite website until 24 April 2011.

Comenius in-service training grant
If you are a language teacher trainer from one of the countries eligible to take part in the Lifelong Learning programme (EU, EFTA, Turkey, Croatia), you have the possibility to submit an application for EU funding.
Deadline for submitting your application form to your National Agency: 14 January 2011.

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