The SAEL Seminar

seminaire seminar

Seminar 5-6 November 2009

SAEL project final seminar
5-6 November 2009 in Sèvres (France)

The seminar will begin with a presentation of the SAEL project's results. It will also provide a unique opportunity to exchange views with website managers, language policy decision-makers and ICT managers from all over Europe.

Support websites - tools for language policy

Supporting the implementation of new measures in language teaching and professionalising training for language teachers are two major issues facing Europe. Online support websites are effective and innovative tools that help meet the demand for high-quality teaching in modern languages, as well as the need for lifelong learning from a European perspective.

A seminar for exchanging good practices

The SAEL seminar will allow all language policy stakeholders concerned with setting up and improving online support websites to share information and exchange views with their European counterparts and SAEL project partners. Discussions will centre around the research activities conducted by the experts associated with the project (Elisabeth Brodin and Micheline Maurice) and the experiments that the CIEP (FR), the ANIF (IT) and Europees Platform (NL) have carried out as part of the SAEL project.

Profile of seminar participants

The seminar is intended for decision-makers from the 32 countries concerned and, more specifically:
- national or regional decision-makers involved in language teacher training,
- national or regional decision-makers involved in implementing language policies,
- those responsible for communication and information concerning innovation in policies and/or teaching methods,
- those in charge of language teachers' associations,
- national or regional ICT managers in education,
- those in charge of websites targeting language teachers, at least in part.

Provisional programme

Working languages: French and English.
Interpreting service provided in plenary meeting. Workshops held in English or French.
The SAEL programme


The Comenius project SAEL partners

Europees Platform CIEP ANIF

With the following websites:

Lifelong Learning Programme

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