The SAEL project

The aim of the SAEL project is to facilitate the implementation of language policy recommendations aimed at improving the quality of language teaching in Europe. It seeks to achieve this by promoting the creation of online support websites for language teachers. Online support of this type serves to keep teachers up-to-date with innovative approaches, resources and other information to help them improve their teaching practices.

A practical guide for decision-makers

The SAEL project aims to produce a practical guide containing concrete proposals for creating and updating websites designed to support language teachers in their work. The initiative, similar to benchmarking, is based on field surveys and observing and testing good practices. Its proposals will be modular so that they can be adapted to various national and regional situations.
The SAEL guide is intended for everyone concerned with teaching issues and keeping language teachers informed and who, through their professional activities, can inspire, guide or implement tools for supporting language teachers in their work.

A three-stage Comenius project

SAEL is funded for a period of two years (2007-2009) by the European Commission's Comenius programme. Three partners are involved: the CIEP, (France), the project coordinator, the ANIF (Italy) and Europees Platform (the Netherlands). Research is conducted by Elisabeth Brodin and Micheline Maurice, the experts associated with the project.

SAEL is divided into three stages:
1. Gathering and analysing data obtained from various European sites. This phase was completed in 2008.
2. Trying out identified good practices. This phase began in April 2008 during the ANIF symposium held in Naples. It will end in June 2009.
3. Preparing the guide and distributing it to decision-makers in 32 countries, namely the 27 EU Member States, the other countries taking part in the Education and Lifelong Learning programme (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey) and Switzerland. This phase will be completed in November 2009.

A final seminar for information and discussion

A seminar will take place at the CIEP in Sèvres, near Paris (France) on 5-6 November 2009. It will be an opportunity to present the results obtained at the end of the project and exchange information concerning online support practices.

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